Thursday, May 14, 2015

One More Day!

Tomorrow is graduation, hard to believe that it is that time already!  This Sunday was senior banquet.  I enjoyed socializing with my classmates and of course stuffing my face.  

BMac and I at senior banquet:

Monday morning brought a meeting about graduation, followed by lunch supplied by the Dean's office.  Then from 1-5pm we enjoyed accreditation training which was really boring.  Since Monday afternoon though I've been off, trying to get packed up, spending time with classmates, playing basketball, and even tried my hand at a driving range for the first time ever.  Let's just say that if I ever wanted to become a professional golfer I have a long road ahead of me! 

Yesterday I stopped by the Brittanys' apartment to bid adios to their other roommate Haley who I have gotten to know quite well.  Then it was off to grab our graduation garb and then we took some pictures in our garb as yesterday was the last sunny day before graduation.  

Haley and I

Now it's just waiting 'til graduation tomorrow (and continuing to pack of course).  I'm looking forward to a lot of family coming down for graduation!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Last Week!

This is the last week!  This morning I had a meeting about graduation.  Now I'm sitting in an extremely boring accreditation training session that is taking all afternoon.  I'm getting super antsy for sure!  After today I have no school things at all until graduation Friday evening so will be packing, and getting ready for graduation and subsequent activities.

Monday, May 4, 2015

One More Week!

Today marks the first day of my last week of clinics.  Last week and this week I am on small animal internal medicine.  I have been enjoying it although today is a little long 'cuz I don't have a patient.  Once next Monday hits I will be done with clinics forever, hallelujah! 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


The rest of last week went pretty uneventfully.  I left for Eureka Friday night and went to check out an apartment Saturday as well as checked out the new clinic that the place I am going to be working for will be moving into in July.  Sunday I was in Peoria, then headed back to Champaign.  

This week I began my last clinical rotation of school.  I am on small animal internal medicine.  Yesterday I had two appointments, a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel with enlarged lymph nodes and then a cocker spaniel who wasn't eating and had a fainting episode on Sunday.  Now today I have nothing.  Hard to believe I'm on my last rotation already!

Last Tuesday night I believe it was, I went over to the Brittanys' apartment to say good-bye to Brigitte, their roommate who I've gotten to know quite well over the last three years. She left this past weekend and will be gone for a month so I won't be seeing her anymore.  BMac took a picture of us since we didn't have any pictures together:

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Catch Up

Wow, it's been awhile since I've wrote here.  Amazing how fast the time goes.  Last week I was on diagnostics so I was doing lots of necropsies and looking at slides of tissues under the microscope.  This week I'm on advanced dermatology so it's all things skin again.  I even had a german shepherd who was my patient two months ago when I was on my regular dermatology rotation.  I find dermatology interesting so it's nice to be on again.  Three weeks and two days 'til graduation!

Saturday, April 11, 2015


This past week was semi-slow on critical care.  I currently have a cat who's urethra was blocked with either a stone or sludge, hard to tell.  He is scheduled to have a perineal urethrostomy done on Monday where they essentially make the urethra come out higher up, closer to his butt thus eliminating the tip of his urethra which is the smallest in diameter.  He is okay if you are just petting him but has a tendency to freak out and get aggressive when you start messing with him.  He has already bitten one of my classmates.  Monday morning I will hand him off to a different student as I will switch from critical care to diagnostic medicine (necropsies and looking at tissues under the microscope).

Went apartment shopping yesterday.  Checked out six places, was pretty burnt out by the time we got done.  Andrea wasn't burnt out but that's probably because she has built up a much higher shopping endurance level than I have ;)  Haven't settled on one yet but was nice to take a peek at a few.

Only one month and four days 'til graduation, can't believe it's so close!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


This past Saturday I was at school from 645AM til 230PM.  I had an 11 month old weimaraner who unfortunately was going to be euthanized Saturday evening.  Sunday I didn't have a transfer so was able to leave school earlier and head to Tremont for Easter.  Monday I had a dog that got into rodenticide and was able to send it home yesterday afternoon as it was doing well.  This morning I had a cat who had a string removed from its stomach and intestines transferred to me.  It will be going home tomorrow.  I've enjoyed critical care, had a good amount of varying cases between myself and my classmate Kelly. 

This Friday I am taking off of school and going to go apartment shopping, I'm sure it will be a blast!