Friday, July 6, 2012

Cape Cod

My family and I just got home yesterday from Cape Cod.  We had a really good time and the weather was almost perfect!  We did a good bit of kayaking, bike-riding, frisbee throwing, and relaxing.  Dad, Heidi, Carla and I went on a whale-watch which was pretty neat too.  We also visited the Cape Cod Potato Chip factory, went to the beach, went for a nice bike ride, walked around downtown Falmouth, and watched the Falmouth fireworks on July 4th. I only have a few pictures, if you want a more extensive view of our trip click HERE.  Warning: my sister is a little backed up on posts so she won't have her Cape Cod pictures up for a little bit yet.

We rented a 3-bedroom house in Falmouth.  It was perfect for what we needed.

 As you can tell, Evan and Carla were really into all the outdoor activities that we did!

 We went for a bike-ride on Monday and saw some different birds.  I am not totally sure what kind of birds these are but I thought they were kind of neat (no, my camera is not one of those fancy shmancy ones so no my pictures are not of perfect quality!)

 Heidi's not the only one taking pictures here!
 A couple of swans that we saw on our bike ride.  There was a baby one but I didn't get a good shot of it.


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