Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New York

Wow, it has been almost a month since I have last posted.  It is crazy how fast this summer is going!  I have been working half time at the vet and half time at UCONN still.  I had a great weekend with some friends from Fairbury a couple weekends ago and also had a good time with my cousin Kasi and her daughter Amy and also my uncle and aunt and cousins from Tremont as well in the last month.  Lots of visitors is always nice!  Working full time definitely makes the weeks scoot right on by that's for sure!

This past weekend a number of us in the Rockville single group drove to New York to serve lunch at our Croghan, NY church.  It was an adventure for sure!  We hadn't been driving 20 minutes when we had a flat on one of the vehicles.  The tire was torn up pretty good.  There were five of us guys working on getting the spare tire on and it took awhile as we couldn't get the spare off very easily!  Finally, we got the spare on and drove somewhere and had a new tire put on and went on our way.  Once we got close to where we were staying (probably around 2AM or so) we hit a porcupine.  That thing didn't stand a chance against the minivan!  Then, when I entered a bedroom in the house we were staying at, I saw a big bug flying around but it didn't take me long to realize it wasn't a bug, it was a bat flying around the room!  Thanks to Ian for going in with a badminton raquet and taking the bat out!  It was quite humorous!  Finally around 330AM it was  off to sleep for us.
Here is Ian, saving the day (or should I say night?):

 Saturday we took a boat tour around some of the thousand islands up in Alexandria Bay.  It was a good time, and beautiful weather.  Here is a pic of me and two of my cousins and another friend looking out over the edge of the boat (I actually stole the pictures from my sister as my camera wasn't with me):

To see the rest of the pictures from our boat trip go here: Heidi Lynne

On Sunday we provided lunch for the New York church.  We had an awesome day at church and really enjoyed supporting them!  Here is the group of us that went from CT (along with one extra girl from Illinois, but she pretty much counted as one of us for the weekend as she was with us the whole time):
Overall it was an awesome weekend, we had a great time as a group and I think we would all probably do it again in a heartbeat!

Next week my family is going to Maine for a four day vacation so I am looking forward to that! And then, three weeks from tomorrow it's back to Illinois for year 3 of vet school!

Monday, July 1, 2013


A week ago this past Saturday, I went deep sea fishing for the first time.  While I enjoyed it, there was only one fish caught the whole time out of everybody, and there were 45 people on the boat, talk about disappointing!  It was still a good time though.  Here is the one picture that I took:
For awhile, we had to take turns fishing with the opposite side of the boat as one side's lines was always going under the boat and getting caught on the lines of the people on the opposite side.  So, I snapped this one photo while it was the other side's turn to fish.  For those of you who have never fished for striper/bluefish before, you let the line go all the way to the bottom and then reel in real fast for 8-10 turns and then let it back down to the bottom, there is  no leisurely reeling in involved.  It was a good experience and I would love to go again!

July is here, June ended uneventfully for me.  My cousin Kasi and her little girl Amy come on Wednesday so I am looking forward to that.  And, my little brother is all graduated from high school so his graduation party is this Friday night.