Thursday, February 26, 2015


This week has been moving right on by.  We have been busier on my dermatology rotation although today is a little slower.  Derm has interesting cases, I have enjoyed it.  This weekend I intend to be in Eureka with my cousins then I start my split block next week meaning the first week I'm on anesthesia, the second week I'm on imaging.  Just 10 more weeks of school after this week!

Here's the picture Dad took of me and the Brittany's after going out to lunch this past Saturday:

Monday, February 23, 2015


Had a great weekend. Mom and Dad flew in on Friday night, just barely beating the snow.  Saturday we went out for lunch with the Brittanys, my study buddies.  Based on everyone's comments, a good time was had by all and my parents finally got to meet the Brittanys!  Saturday night was Parent Appreciation, there was a very good crowd that showed up.  Yesterday Gramp and Gram B, U Dan, Heather, Andrea, U Mark, A Colleen, Anna, Aden, Noah, Neil, and Jerry and Kathy all came down to Champaign.  It was a party, lots of people! 

This week is my second week of dermatology.  I'm hoping it will be a little bit busier this week but we shall see.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Chuggin' Along

Time continues to move on.  I finished up oncology last week.  I really enjoyed it but I wished that we were a little busier.  The oncology department is kind of like a family, all the doctors and technicians get along and are a lot of fun.  

Valentines day was a pretty big deal for me, I did pretty much nothing.  I did, however, go out to lunch with Brittany M.  We don't see each other near as much now that we have been on rotations so we get together every once in awhile to catch up.  While there, she took a "selfie" of us so here's a picture for you:

This past weekend I was able to get away to Tremont and see some family.  Kasi and Amy were down from Michigan and a group of us went out to dinner which was fun.  As Kasi says, the trip didn't happen unless her and I have our picture taken:

Today is my second day on my dermatology rotation.  It's kind of slow with only two appointments yesterday and two today but today the first appointment is mine so hopefully I will be a little busier!  This weekend I am looking forward to having Mom and Dad in Champaign and having some of my Illinois family in Champaign for church on Sunday.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


This past weekend I was in Wisconsin right near the Wisconsin/Illinois state line.  I was with a first cousin of my grandmother who is a large animal veterinarian.  Joy, my second cousin who is in the vet tech program down here in Champaign, myself, and Joy's parents drove up Friday evening and stayed at Art (the vet) and Marlene's house for two nights.  Saturday Joy and I went out with Art.  We did a surgery on a cow, took blood from 20 boars, helped a pig who was having a hard time giving birth, and banded some lamb's tails and scrotums.  We also got to see a couple of the clinics that Art is part owner of.  It was a lot of fun and both Joy and I really enjoyed it.  Sunday after the morning service I went out with Art to see a couple beef calves who were having diarrhea.  Then after church we left and drove back to Champaign.  It was a great weekend.

This week has been a little slow on oncology.  However, I do enjoy it which is nice.  I've just been chugging along, hard to believe that in just 3 months and 4 days I will be graduating!

Thursday, February 5, 2015


Last week finished up without a hitch.  I am now finished with my dentistry rotation.  While I enjoyed it when I had stuff to do, it was just too slow of a rotation, too much sitting around twiddling my thumbs.  This past weekend I enjoyed seeing a lot of people I know in Champaign for Seth's testimony and baptism.  It was a real nice weekend.  Even went sledding Sunday after church for the first time in years! 

On Monday I started my oncology rotation.  Oncology is all things cancer.  It has been pretty good so far.  A little slow but not like dentistry and the doctors and technicians are awesome.  I had a cat yesterday that had a huge mass measuring 9.8cm by 7cm by 8.8cm on its head.  Unfortunately, it turned out to be cancerous which does not bode well for the cat. 

This weekend I am going to Belvidere with some family of mine to spend some time with Art, a veterinarian up in that area.  I am looking forward to getting away from school and spending some time with Art and my cousin Joy as we go out on calls with Art.