Friday, August 31, 2012

One Week Done!

One week of my second year has come and gone!  It fortunately hasn't actually been that tough getting back into the swing of things.  This morning's lectures made everyone ready for the weekend though I can tell you that.  There was some tough material in our general pathology class as well as in our immunology class that required/will require some intense studying to get everything figured out.  Needless to say, after general pathology lab this afternoon, everybody was racing for the doors!  Now I have a nice three day weekend to look forward to!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Three days down and my head is still above water!!  Yesterday went well, in our immunology lab we counted white blood cells and learned how to differentiate between the different white blood cells on a blood smear, so it wasn't too bad.  And the best part is, we didn't have to turn anything in or write a lab report, hallelujah!  Today I had two hours of general pathology lecture and two hours of immunology lecture.  And tonight, I had a church picnic which was real nice.  I even got some exercise playing ultimate frisbee!  I am also on top of my studying and am caught up as of right now so that is nice too!  I am looking forward to seeing some people from Rockville this weekend in Congerville so that should be nice.  I think that's all the news for now from my thrilling life here in the wild midwest!

Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day Back

I have finished one day of my second year of vet school! I had two hours of general pathology lecture followed by two hours of immunology lecture.  Needless to say, after those four straight hours of lecture in a row this morning, my mind was getting bogged down and ready for a break!  After lunch we had pathology lab which was way easier than anatomy lab was!  Hopefully it will remain that way!  I ended with my elective, fish medicine and surgery, from 5-6.  This class meets every Monday and Wednesday for this quarter.  Now, it is back to the books!  Tomorrow I don't have class until 9 and then have three hours of pharmacology lecture in the morning and a two hour immunology lab in the afternoon. Then, in the evening, my study group is getting together for the first of many sessions this year.  Yup, I'm definitely back in school!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

My New Home

Well, I have yet another new place to live.  Our new apartment is only about a mile or so from our apartment from last year.  Here are some photos to give you a sense of what it looks like:
The entrance to our aparment:
 The entry way
 Looking in from the entry way:
 Standing in the kitchen looking at the living room:
 The kitchen:
 Standing in the living room looking at our full bathroom with my bedroom on the right and Josh's on the left.  We do also have a half bath off of the kitchen.
 The next three are of my bedroom:

The decorating of the kitchen and living room was all done by Josh's mom before we got there, she did a really good job!  I like this apartment better then our last one just because it's a little smaller and more "homey."  If you want to check it out in real person, I'd love to have you over! :)

I start school tomorrow morning at 8AM.  I have four straight hours of lecture from 8-12 (we do have ten minute breaks between the 50 minute lectures however).  It will still make for a long morning though!
My classes I am taking this quarter are: general pathology, immunology, pharmacology, genetics and toxicology.  Tomorrow I have two hours of general pathology lecture followed by two hours of immunology lecture and then in the afternoon I have a 3 hour pathology lab.  I do enjoy pathology a lot so I'm hoping that that class will be really interesting. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Adios CT, Hello IL!

My time in Connecticut is quickly drawing to a close.  I leave for Illinois Monday morning bright and early.  I am hoping to leave around 5AM.  My mom and little sister Carla are going with me.  We will drive about 12 hours Monday and stay at a friend's in Columbus, Ohio, leaving a 5 hour drive for Tuesday to Champaign.  I am ready to start school since the sooner we start the sooner we get done! 
Two things are for sure:
1.  I will miss this:

2. I look forward to more times like these: