Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Boards Results

I passed my board exam. Found that out last night, such a relief to know that I won't need to spend the next three months studying like crazy. 

My dentistry rotation has been quite slow.  I have my second patient today and it will just be a dental cleaning, hopefully no extractions. 

I intend to be in Champaign this weekend for a baptism.  First time in Champaign on a weekend for quite awhile!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Had a great time in Connecticut visiting family and friends.  Now it's back to school as I begin the 17 week trek towards graduation.  This week and next week I am on dentistry.  We see two appointments in the morning and then the dental procedures of those two patients begin mid-morning.  My first case is today, a cat who can't open its mouth very wide and has inflamed gums.  Due to it not being able to open its mouth much we can't extract its teeth like it really needs so we will have to see what we end up doing today.  Because there are only two cases a day, it does make for a decent amount of down time. 

Monday, January 12, 2015


I got back to Connecticut from Mexico on Friday.  I had an amazing time in Mexico, I just love going down there, helping those in need while forming new and strengthening already existing friendships.  Here are the photos I took.  I will post some others that other folks took as they become available:

The vet workshop

New banner announcing our presence!


Apparently Charlotte was really wanting to do some gardening ;)

This donkey had severe club foot which is when the hoof doesn't have the angle like it's supposed to

This guy came along and was singing to some of us

Club-footed donkey pulling his cart, felt pretty bad for the donkey

The official vet crew: Justin, myself, Joy

Haley giving an intra-muscular injection

This guy was passed out

This year we were working right next to the dump rather than in the middle of it

The full vet crew: Orel, Ian, Derek, Priscila, me, Joy, Haley, Justin, Debbie

The drunk guy insisted that Justin listen to the horse's leg with his stethoscope

My friend Vanessa who I met last year.  She pretended to be super shy around me the whole time

Haley learning to clean horse hooves

Haley giving an IV injection, this was her first time doing it, we were trying to get her to become a veterinarian instead of a medical doctor but I'm not sure we succeeded

At one point, the medication started going outside the vein so I had to take over and finish the injection

Priscila, my dear grandaughter.  After finding out how old we all were, she decided to call me Grandpa as I was the oldest member of the group (at a whopping 26).  So, for the rest of the week she always called me Grandpa :)

While I was sad to leave Mexico, it has been very nice being in CT with my family for a bit!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Off With His Head!

This occurred last night:

Client stops in wanting to visit their pet in the ICU at 1:15AM. After checking with the ICU technician who informs me that they cannot stop in unscheduled in the middle of the night to visit I go back to break the news to the client:
Me: I have bad news, unfortunately we do not allow non-scheduled visits in to visit pets in the middle of the night
Client: Oh, well the doctor told us that when we were back in town we could visit our pet. He doesn't do well if he doesn't see us. If he ends up in the dump..... what's your name (she is now pointing her finger at me).... Dave? Well, if he ends up in the dump, I'm going to have your head on a stick in our yard.
Me (throwing my hands in the air): Hey, I'm just the bearer of the bad news.
Client (turns to leave and waves her finger at me): Oh no Dave, oh no!
And with those encouraging words she exits the hospital and heads off into the night.

As of right now my head is still attached to my shoulders and not swinging in the wind on a stick but who knows what the future holds!?