Sunday, June 16, 2013


Yesterday myself, my brother and 7 other guys decided to go kayaking down the Scantic River.  We had just gotten a good 10 inches of rain in the last week or two so the river was really flowing.  Things were all good at the beginning, hit some nice rapids that tipped all but 2 or 3 of us over, but other than that, nothing major.  However, at one point we came up to a tree branch that was laying across the river.  We had to hop it to get over it which some of us did successfully (yes, believe it or not, I did it successfully!).  However, just after that branch the water became very restless and all 9 of us were flipped out of our kayaks and left scrambling.  The water was really rough, and when I flipped over, I had a hard time keeping my head above water for a bit despite my life jacket I had on.  When I finally gained footing on a rock, the water coming up behind me was extremely forceful and began pushing me towards more unfriendly rapids.  It was at this point that I was legitimately scared.  I finally dove towards shore, hoping that I would make it, otherwise I was going for a bumpy, not-very-fun ride.  Luckily I was able to grasp some plants right on the edge of the bank and pull myself onto the bank.  My brother and another guy were there on the bank near me having made it safely before I did.  My brother said, "Hey there's Tim."  By the time I looked all I could see was Tim's paddle out in the middle of the river.  Finally he popped up again and was whisked down the river a little ways. He was able to reach shore further downstream. With that we heard a cry for help, so we went running (side note: I lost my glasses during this bit of action and am now running around with my near-sightedness not exactly making me the most useful guy around.). Luckily, when we got to where the cry came from, our buddy who had been pinned against a log had gotten unpinned and they were both fine.  Upon regrouping, we realized that we only had 7 and had no idea where the other 2 were.  Well, we finally found them way downstream as they were unable to make it to shore earlier, they just floated/sputtered down the river through some more rapids until they could get to shore.  This was when it was decided that we were going to carry the kayaks the rest of the way, that we were no longer going to kayak.  It was a good thing too, cuz near the end the water was very rocky again.  We were all quite thankful to be safe and sound and only missing one kayak (mine) and a paddle and a half.  I think we learned our lesson, don't go kayaking when there has been 10 inches of rain recently added to the river!

Monday, June 10, 2013


The last week has moved on past and a new week is here!  This past weekend we had some company from Ohio who were here for a funeral.  The father of the family who stayed with us is a veterinarian and his dad is a retired veterinarian.  It was nice to get to know his family and overall it was a nice weekend.  This week looks to be busy with a birthday party on Thursday night and the Sunday School picnic on Saturday on top of my normal work schedule.  It really is amazing how rapidly the summer weeks scoot on by!

Monday, June 3, 2013


I have been a bit lax on my posting here now that I am back in CT for the summer.  Nothing too exciting has been happening.  Work is keeping me plenty busy and makes the weeks fly by.  Two weekends ago Heidi, Evan, myself and our cousins Andy, Laura, and Lanae drove down to Pennsylvania and spent the day going around Lancaster area on Saturday.  Then, on Sunday we went to Philadelphia church and there we surprised our Gramp and Gram who were also there.  They were definitely quite surprised and glad we came down.  Here is a pic of us after church on Sunday:

Other then that trip, I have just been here in CT keeping busy!  I am back to pet-sitting.  I currently have 13 dogs, a cat, and 3 chickens under my care.  So far they are all doing fine, so I'm hoping it will stay that way!