Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Break

Two Wednesdays ago I took my clinical exam and then it was off to Arizona!  Here are the photos from the trip:

Thursday we went to a desert museum in Tucson.  It was a pretty neat place. I thought this snake was kind of cool as it went above its branch:

Thought it was kind of funny that these lizards all lined up

Can you find the snake in this photo?

Heidi and I a "cave" at the museum:

These ears were to show how large our ears would be if they were the same proportion to our body size as they are for bats:

A great blue heron:

A few photos of the plants in the desert:

Bighorn sheep:

Not sure what kind of bird this is but thought it was a neat color:

There was a hummingbird area where we could go in and be with the hummingbirds.  I wasn't really able to get any awesome photos I got a couple of mediocre ones:

They had a free flight program where they had some trained birds flying around.  It was pretty neat. Here is the barn owl they had:

Some kind of hawk, I don't remember what kind it was.  There were actually five of them flying at the same time.  

They also had a peregrine falcon but it never landed on anything so I didn't get any photos of it.  Here are some photos of garden eels.  Their tails are hard and shovel-like and they use their tails to dig holes for them to hang out in, head out and tail in.  

When the fish that was in the tank swam over them they would go down into their hole and then pop up again once the fish was past.  It was really weird.

A moray eel

A deformed fish, its nose is all squished in, kind of like a bulldog

On Friday, we went to visit Heather and Andrea's Mom and Norm, and Norm's sister and her husband.  Norm and Janet (their mom) were staying at Norm's sister's house.  We spent time relaxing and checking out Cave Creek's western shops. 

They have a nice backyard.

Not sure what was so funny

Heidi and I in our "matching" t-shirts
They have two dogs, this one is Mini Me

This poodle's name fails me at the moment but she was a cool dog.  She even had purple nails.

Hanging out with the dogs:

That night we went to a cowboy barbeque and bull riding.

The bull-riders

Getting ready

Kind of hard to see but I took a couple photos of the bull riding

Saturday we hiked Bear Canyon.  We hiked 7 miles, tired us all out!

Who doesn't love hugging a cactus?

Sunday we went to church and then out to dinner.  Monday, Heidi flew out back to Connecticut while Heather, Andrea, and I went to an Arabian horse farm in Tucson.  It was nice walking around meeting some of the horses and enjoying the beautiful Arizona sunshine and warmth.

We also checked out Sabino Canyon in the afternoon before heading back to Uncle Loren and Aunt Joan's for a final dinner of barbequed ribs.  

This is probably my favorite picture of the whole trip.  I was going to take a picture of Heather and Andrea with the horse and happened to snap this one just at the right time.

I start clinical rotations on Monday, hard to believe the time is already here!