Friday, August 30, 2013

First Week Done!

Well, week 1 of year 3 is over!  We had 5 hours of lecture today, 2 hours where we discussed a clinical case involving shock, sepsis, DIC (disseminated intravascular coagulation), etc, one hour finishing up disorders of the eyelid and 3rd eyelid, and then two hours talking about sheep, goat, and elk reproduction.  Now, the 3 day weekend is here!  I plan to be in Indiana tomorrow, then back in Illinois on Sunday and Monday.  Tuesday morning I start off week 2 ultrasounding pigs for pregnancy, should be interesting and hopefully fun!  Hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Days 3 $ 4

Yesterday was five hours of lecture in which we learned about reproduction basics as well as sheep reproduction, had a lecture on diseases of the eyelid, and ended the day with learning about how to treat animals that come into a clinic in respiratory distress.  Lots of good info, that's for sure!  This morning I had my orientation to junior surgery.  We had a lecture on what we will be doing, then watched a video on how they want us to perform castrations and spays.  Finally, we went down to the junior surgery suite to get a quick tour.  This afternoon was just two hours of neurology lecture learning about seizures and diseases of the cerebrum (the main part of the brain).  Tonight I went out to dinner with some of my friends from school so that was nice to relax and enjoy the company.  Tomorrow is Friday (yes!) and after that is a 3 day weekend.  Bring on the weekend!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day 2

Today was a good day at school.  This morning I had a dentistry lab.  We had lecture first going over what we would be doing and then it was off to lab.  We had fresh dog heads to practice our dental techniques on.  We pulled 3 teeth as a group and each tooth we used a different method on.  Then, we had to suture up the area that we had opened after removing the teeth.  It was actually quite fun learning something that I will probably end up doing someday for real!  This afternoon consisted of two hours of neurology lecture in which we learned how to perform a neurological exam and what information can be taken from the exam to come up with a tentative diagnosis.  I must say, 3rd year is looking better than 1st and 2nd years already! This evening from 5-7pm I have a clinical skills review session to go over the skills that will be needed when it comes time to start surgery.  My group doesn't go into surgery until October 1st, so I have a little bit to wait!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Day 1

Whew, I made it through the first day of my 3rd year of vet school!  I had three hours of lecture this morning and two in the afternoon.  I had two hours of anesthesiology in which we learned different tools used to monitor patients under anesthesia as well as learning the basic anesthetic protocol that we will be using when we start our surgeries this fall.  That was followed by an hour in ophthalmology learning different ways that drugs can be given for eyes as well as different drugs that are used in the eyes.  Following lunch I had an hour of theriogenology in which our professor tried to squeeze in 100 slides in 50 minutes covering male and female genital surgery (she did not succeed!).  Then we ended our day with an hour of small animal critical care lecture covering assessment, triage, and monitoring of patients in critical care.  I must say that the classes seem pretty interesting already! 

Tomorrow morning I have my first lab.  The class is split in half for labs and my half of the class will be doing a dentistry lab so I'm hoping that should be interesting!  I will let you know tomorrow (hopefully).  Then in the afternoon I have two hours of neurology lecture.  Sounds like quite a day, so I better get rested up!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

School Starts Tomorrow!

The new school year starts tomorrow, hard to believe it's here already!  Tonight was the Welcome Student picnic.  I enjoyed catching up with people today at church and at the picnic.  Here is a photo of our group this year:

 Then, they decided they wanted to take pictures of the groups of students that live together.  Well, my roommate wasn't there so they wanted me to stand up and put my arm up like I had it around him so here I am:

The picnic was a nice way to relax before the school year begins.  I just got my schedule for the first eight weeks of the semester and it looks interesting.  I am taking anesthesiology, ophthalmology, neurology, theriogenology, and small animal critical care this quarter so I am looking forward to that.  We also start surgery this quarter but I'm not sure when I will be doing my surgeries yet. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Good-Bye CT

Well, my time here in CT has come to an end yet again.  I am leaving tomorrow morning to head back to Illinois.  My Dad is going with me and we plan to spend tomorrow night in eastern Ohio and then finishing the trip on Thursday.  I am bummed that my final summer break has come to a close but am ready to get back into school because the sooner we get going, the sooner we finish!  It's hard to believe I'm going into my 3rd year of veterinary school already, it seems like just yesterday that I was applying to vet school and hoping I would get in!

Saturday, August 17, 2013


Last week we went for four nights up to an island on a river in Maine.  It was about 1.8 acres and had only one cabin on it so we were the only ones there which was nice.  Here are some photos from our trip:

The bridge leading to the island from mainland:

The cabin:

Some pics taken of the island:

Some pics of the water taken from the island:

Even Snickers got to come with us!

Some pics of the inside of the cabin:

Monday morning, my family is weird, but hey, ya still gotta love 'em! ;)

Heidi busting in through a screenless door

Tuesday we went to Lost River Gorge and Caverns.  It was real neat and we all enjoyed it!

Aww, how sweet :)

Snickers, the ever faithful guard dog!

All in all it was a great trip.  For more pictures of our trip go HERE!

I had my last week of work this past week.  This coming Wednesday morning I leave to head back to Illinois.  Dad is going with me.  We will be in Rittman, OH Wednesday night and then head to Illinois Thursday.  Class starts a week from Monday, it's coming right up!