Monday, August 26, 2013

Day 1

Whew, I made it through the first day of my 3rd year of vet school!  I had three hours of lecture this morning and two in the afternoon.  I had two hours of anesthesiology in which we learned different tools used to monitor patients under anesthesia as well as learning the basic anesthetic protocol that we will be using when we start our surgeries this fall.  That was followed by an hour in ophthalmology learning different ways that drugs can be given for eyes as well as different drugs that are used in the eyes.  Following lunch I had an hour of theriogenology in which our professor tried to squeeze in 100 slides in 50 minutes covering male and female genital surgery (she did not succeed!).  Then we ended our day with an hour of small animal critical care lecture covering assessment, triage, and monitoring of patients in critical care.  I must say that the classes seem pretty interesting already! 

Tomorrow morning I have my first lab.  The class is split in half for labs and my half of the class will be doing a dentistry lab so I'm hoping that should be interesting!  I will let you know tomorrow (hopefully).  Then in the afternoon I have two hours of neurology lecture.  Sounds like quite a day, so I better get rested up!

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