Sunday, August 25, 2013

School Starts Tomorrow!

The new school year starts tomorrow, hard to believe it's here already!  Tonight was the Welcome Student picnic.  I enjoyed catching up with people today at church and at the picnic.  Here is a photo of our group this year:

 Then, they decided they wanted to take pictures of the groups of students that live together.  Well, my roommate wasn't there so they wanted me to stand up and put my arm up like I had it around him so here I am:

The picnic was a nice way to relax before the school year begins.  I just got my schedule for the first eight weeks of the semester and it looks interesting.  I am taking anesthesiology, ophthalmology, neurology, theriogenology, and small animal critical care this quarter so I am looking forward to that.  We also start surgery this quarter but I'm not sure when I will be doing my surgeries yet. 


Heidi B said...

For some reason that last photo struck me as really funny! :)

Anonymous said...

You coulda had the guy in the background come and take his place