Wednesday, December 19, 2012

One More Day!

Well, the semester has rapidly wound down.  I have my clinical exam tomorrow from 8-12 and then it's off to Connecticut for Christmas break!  Yesterday after studying for awhile for the clinical exam I took off for Tremont.  Last night I watched one of my cousins sing and another play the saxophone in the band. Then this morning, I got to watch my littlest cousin on my Dad's side (he's in kindergarten) sing as well.  It was pretty cute, watching all those kindergarteners singing away up there on the risers.  It was an awful lot better than sitting in Champaign twiddling my thumbs, that's for sure! 

So, tomorrow's exam will consist of 16 stations.  At each station a faculty member or technician will be asking us to perform various tasks such as sewing different suture patterns, performing an exam on a cow, placing an IV catheter in a model, scrubbing in for surgery, etc while they observe and critique us on paper.  We have ten minutes at each station so a total of 160 minutes of testing with 15 minute breaks thrown in at various times.  It will be the first exam I've ever taken like this but it will be good to see where my strengths and weaknesses are clinically. 

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