Thursday, May 14, 2015

One More Day!

Tomorrow is graduation, hard to believe that it is that time already!  This Sunday was senior banquet.  I enjoyed socializing with my classmates and of course stuffing my face.  

BMac and I at senior banquet:

Monday morning brought a meeting about graduation, followed by lunch supplied by the Dean's office.  Then from 1-5pm we enjoyed accreditation training which was really boring.  Since Monday afternoon though I've been off, trying to get packed up, spending time with classmates, playing basketball, and even tried my hand at a driving range for the first time ever.  Let's just say that if I ever wanted to become a professional golfer I have a long road ahead of me! 

Yesterday I stopped by the Brittanys' apartment to bid adios to their other roommate Haley who I have gotten to know quite well.  Then it was off to grab our graduation garb and then we took some pictures in our garb as yesterday was the last sunny day before graduation.  

Haley and I

Now it's just waiting 'til graduation tomorrow (and continuing to pack of course).  I'm looking forward to a lot of family coming down for graduation!

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