Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Break!

Wow, after a two week break from updating my blog I am back at it (so you can all now breathe a sigh of relief ;)  I saw that my last post was after day one of our fourth quarter.  That week (two weeks ago now) was pretty relaxed as it was all new material and we had spring break coming up.  Many of my fellow students did very little if any studying, however I studied so I wouldn't have to over spring break.  Then, Friday afternoon it was time for spring break!
Here's a quick rundown of my spring break festivities:

Friday 3-16:
Studied for a bit after school then headed to sort clothes in the Goodfield world relief center with the Congerville young group.  Then I headed to my cousins in Eureka and met my mom, dad, and sister (Heidi) there after they flew into Chicago and drove to Eureka

Saturday 3-17:
Visited some family in Eureka and then headed to Tremont to my grandparents.  Saturday night was the Beutel Spring Fling at the Tremont Fellowship Hall.  It was nice to see a bunch of the family.

Sunday 3-18:
My Grandpa Beutel (Gram wasn't feeling good so she stayed home), Gramp and Gram Gerber, Mom, Dad, and Heidi and I drove to Champaign for church.  It was nice because my Gramp Gerber, who is a retired minister, actually went on the pulpit in the afternoon to help out the minister who was by himself since the other three ministers were all gone elsewhere.  While he did not have the sermon, he did finish up and had the closing prayer.  After church we went the vet school and then out to dinner with Josh and a couple others.  Then we headed back to Tremont for the night.  Here are a few photos from Sunday:

Gramp, Mom, Josh

Gramp, Gram, and I

Heidi, Dad, Mom, and I

Monday 3-19:
Hung around Tremont.  Dad left late in the afternoon to head back to Chicago to fly home.  Monday evening, Mom, Heidi, and I drove to Champaign for dinner and then spent the night at my apartment. Here's a photo of Heidi and Mom working hard:

Tuesday 3-20:
Did some cleaning at my apartment, went to a friends for lunch then headed back to Tremont in the afternoon.

Wednesday 3-21:
Went to Forrest and Fairbury to visit some family.  Had a nice lunch with some of my mom's cousins and uncles and aunts.  We went to Tremont for church in the evening.

Thursday 3-22:
Went with Mom, Heidi, and Gram Beutel to do some shopping in Eureka and Washington.  We visited exciting places such as the Skirt Outlet, and Catos (an all womans clothes store).  Also stopped to visit a friend who used to live in Connecticut. Had dinner with Uncle Mark, Aunt Colleen, and family in Tremont.

Friday 3-23:
Brought Mom and Heidi to Roanoke to meet up with Gramp and Gram Gerber so they could head back to Chicago to fly home.  Spent some more time in Tremont with my Beutel grandparents and also visited someone from Connecticut who was visiting family in Illinois.  Later on, I drove to Bradford to visit some family and had a nice dinner and quartet singing. 

Saturday 3-24:
Spent some time with my family in Bradford then headed back to Tremont so I could go with my grandparents to Morton to hear my great uncle talk about his WWII experiences.  Then I went to Tremont church for Communion in the evening.

Sunday 3-25:
Went to Eureka for church as my uncle and cousins were serving.  Went out with some family for dinner and then took a walk before driving back down to Champaign. 

As you can tell, I was pretty busy however the week was relaxing as I did NO studying over break.  That is soon to change!  Tomorrow I have class again at 8AM.  I am not pumped about starting up again but am excited to know that I only have 7 weeks before summer break! 

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