Tuesday, January 21, 2014

First Day of Classes

Today was the first day of class for the spring semester.  The nice thing is that I only have 8 weeks of class and then I'm done with class forever!
My classes for these eight weeks are:
Musculoskeletal: diseases of muscle and bones
Cardiopulmonology: diseases of heart and lungs
Clinical toxicology: toxic substances and how to treat animals that have consumed them
Oncology: cancer

I have every Thursday morning off and half my Tuesday mornings off this quarter due to all the labs, with the exception of one lab and three surgery labs, being completed.  So, that will be nice.  I am also taking advanced clinical pathology: running and interpreting blood work, urinalysis, and cytologies (cells on a slide).  That class is from 6-8pm on Mondays and Wednesdays.  

Here are a few more photos taken of me while in Mexico.  They are courtesy of Charlotte and Joy:

Nichole, Joy, Charlotte, and I playing a game with some of the kids:

There were many dogs running around, some who were actually friendly:

More deworming, a common activity for us when we were down there

Marty loved teaching us about different things so this was a common scene, the vet crew gathered around Marty

This guy, along with some of the girls, wanted us to sign our names on paper for them

Hanging out

Brad, the ferrier, told me to lift up this horse's foot and check it out.  There was a nail stuck straight into the horse's foot. 


Heidi B said...

Are you holding Marty's coat in the picture you're signing the boys' paper?

dvm2015 said...

Yup, I sure was although I don't remember why