Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday Morning

This morning (Sunday 6/8) instead of sitting at church like I normally would be I am sitting at school.  I am once again spending most of my day here at school.  This hasn't felt like a weekend at all since most of it has been spent at school!  I am on walk-by's until 1pm which means that every hour I go to all the patients and see how they are doing and give them any medications or small procedures they may need.  I can leave at 1pm but then have to be back at 5pm for my afternoon treatments of my alpacas.  I am also scheduled for 12AM-7AM tomorrow morning. I am really hoping that things will stay quiet like they are so maybe I won't have to be here that shift, we shall see.

Last night, after my 5pm treatments were done, Calvin, Bethany, Piper, and Oscar came to the vet school.  I showed them around and then they came to my new house to check it out and have ice cream.  Piper had a toy stethoscope with her so we had our picture taken together:


Anonymous said...

CUTE!!!!! Mom

ALB said...

How sweet! :)