Sunday, November 16, 2014

6 Months!

Exactly 6 months from this weekend is graduation and that's all I'm gonna say about that!

2 1/2 weeks from now is boards, to say I've been doing a little studying would be an accurate statement.

The rest of last week went well, had a 7 month old kitten that we did a CT scan, bronchoscopy (sticking camera down its windpipe) and rhinoscopy (sticking camera into its nasal cavity) on on Friday.  Unfortunately, it has some congenital problems and the owner will most likely elect euthanasia. 

This past weekend I didn't have a patient of my own but I helped a classmate with her patient both mornings.  The dog doesn't like us getting it out of its cage and tried to bite me numerous times this morning but I was able to get her without getting bit so right now the score is Dave: 1, Dog: 0.  Here's to hoping it stays that way!

This will be my second and last week of internal medicine.  Internal med has been one of my favorite rotations so far, it's very interesting. 

I have submitted my requests for professional development, the fancy name for the last 6 weeks of vet school.  Hard to believe that it's time to get that planned out already!

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