Saturday, April 11, 2015


This past week was semi-slow on critical care.  I currently have a cat who's urethra was blocked with either a stone or sludge, hard to tell.  He is scheduled to have a perineal urethrostomy done on Monday where they essentially make the urethra come out higher up, closer to his butt thus eliminating the tip of his urethra which is the smallest in diameter.  He is okay if you are just petting him but has a tendency to freak out and get aggressive when you start messing with him.  He has already bitten one of my classmates.  Monday morning I will hand him off to a different student as I will switch from critical care to diagnostic medicine (necropsies and looking at tissues under the microscope).

Went apartment shopping yesterday.  Checked out six places, was pretty burnt out by the time we got done.  Andrea wasn't burnt out but that's probably because she has built up a much higher shopping endurance level than I have ;)  Haven't settled on one yet but was nice to take a peek at a few.

Only one month and four days 'til graduation, can't believe it's so close!

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