Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Couple More Pics

So, here are just a couple more pictures of me getting dirty in Mexico (photos courtesy of Rebecca D):

This is how I actually got so dirty.  Here I am actually pouring rock into the mixer but most of the time I was pouring grey sand into the mixture.  The wind was blowing just right that every time we would dump the sand into the mixer, some of it would blow directly into my face.

Here is a picture of Phil, me, and Drew just to show how dirty I really ended up:

Now I want to give a couple "shout-outs"
First, happy birthday to my Dad, he's pushing 50 harder and harder every year!  I love you Dad!

Also, I want to congratulate my good friends Nathan and Michelle on their engagement this past Sunday!  I am really excited for them both.  They have both been good friends of mine here at the University of Illinois.  If you would like to see a picture of them, go HERE 

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