Monday, April 1, 2013


I'm back at my blog again finally!  Last week zipped right by, I can't believe that it's already been two weeks since I was in Mexico!  Time sure does fly!  This past weekend I was in Eureka for Easter.  I had a nice time putting schoolwork aside and going to church and spending time with family.  I took a few photos of our time together:


Uncle Dan and Uncle Mark getting food ready while Andrea acts normal for the camera! ;)

Gramp and Gram.  I always enjoy getting to Tremont and spending some time with them.  Whenever I'm there, it's usually just the three of us so we have some good talks.  They are good Godly examples to myself and many others.

Noah and Neal reading:

Sitting at the table

Anna and I hid some eggs for Aden, Noah, and Neal to find:

Neal checking out his loot:

These boys are a bunch of goofballs!

My cousin Jerey has a pet rat named Penelope and she came along on the walk we took after dinner:

Now this right here is my kind of Easter egg hunt!

Now that Easter weekend is over, I am back at it.  This weekend, however, is College Weekend.  We are expecting 80-100 people or so.  It should be a busy, but nice weekend. 

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