Sunday, December 8, 2013


This past weekend I went to Eureka for a Christmas get-together with Uncle Dan, Heather, Andrea, Jerry & Kathy.  It was nice and relaxing and I enjoyed eating, playing games, singing, and eating some more.  Here are just a few photos I snagged throughout the evening:

Today I was in Eureka for church and then headed down to Champaign to give a tour of the vet school to some family of mine from Roanoke and then to partake in the benefit dinner for our mission trip to Mexico in January.  It was delicious and my dessert (coffee ice cream and oreo dessert) all went so I guess it was well liked!  This is my last full week of class for the semester and it's gonna be busy.  It's my groups turn to do surgery this week again.  It is my turn to be surgeon but because the animals are all male and I have already done a neuter I will be assistant surgeon instead this week.  Only two more weeks of school, can't wait to be done!  Two weeks from today I will be home in CT!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing you David.
Love you, Mom

Hannah said...

My cute friends! :) Looks like a blast.