Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Break

Well, my Thanksgiving break is over. Here's how my break went:
Sat: went to Danville, IL and helped tear down a house with some people from Champaign and Cissna Park.  The house had been burned inside a number of years ago and the owners didn't have enough money to fix it.  After the holidays, the plan is to rebuild the house for the owners. Saturday evening Lucas and Diana and their four kids came from Bradford and we went out eat.  They stayed overnight at Walt and Janelles in Mahomet.

Sun: went to Champaign church and spent the afternoon and dinner with Lucas and Diana and kids.  Headed off to Tremont in the evening.

Mon: didn't do too much, went out with my uncle a little bit in the afternoon on a call to check out a forklift (he's a mechanic)

Tues & Wed: spent these two days helping with clean-up after the tornado in Washington and Pekin, IL.  The devastation there was astounding.  I have never seen anything like it, so many homes were totally destroyed.  There was wood, shingles, peoples belongings everywhere.  It was amazing that only one person died in Washington.

Thurs: was in Tremont for Thanksgiving services with Gramp and Gram B and then off to Eureka for Thanksgiving dinner.

Fri: hung out with Heather and Andrea and spent Friday evening with their Mom and her husband, had a good time!

Sat: drove to Bluffton, IN and spent some time with the Meyer family before heading off to testimonies

Sun: was in Bluffton for church and baptisms and then headed back to Champaign

Now tomorrow it is back to the grindstone, just three more weeks of school!

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