Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Last Dentistry Lab

Today was my last lab for my "Advanced Dentistry" elective class.  Today we learned one way to fix a palatal defect (when there is a hole in the roof of the mouth) and also learned how to perform a hemimandibulectomy.  This is performed when an animal has a tumor that is occupying one side of an animal's lower jaw and involves actually removing that one side of the jaw completely from the animal so that they only have half a lower jaw left.  While cats don't tend to do very well with this procedure dogs actually can do quite well with only half a jaw. I have the last lecture in this class the Monday after Thanksgiving break and then the final on the following Wednesday; signs that the semester will be drawing to a close soon!

Tomorrow morning I don't have lab, yippee!! I do have a tour to give at 1030AM and then a meeting regarding clinical rotations at 12pm followed by two hours of endocrinology lecture.  In the evening is our young group's annual Thanksgiving feast.  I'm looking forward to a more laid back day!

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