Friday, November 1, 2013

Gramp's Auction

Before I post the pictures from Gramp's auction last weekend, just a quick update on school:
Wednesday I had my dentistry lab in which we practiced repairing gums that have been damaged due to some kind of trauma and also practiced a technique used to stabilize jaws that have been fractured.  I have to say, I would definitely get more out of the labs if it wasn't right after 5 hours of lecture!
Thursday was my last day of palpation lab.  It was my group's turn to palpate mares, and it was a good day!  I finally was able to confidently feel the mare's uterine horn up to her ovary, something that had never happened before.  I was pretty excited (yes I know that makes me sound really nerdy but that's mostly because I am)!  I also passed a speculum into the mare's vagina so you could see the cervix and perform a vaginal exam and also learned how to pass an artificial insemination pipette through a horse's cervix (much easier than the cows I tried last week!) And now, 10 weeks of school are behind us with only 6 more to go!

Okay, now, here are the pictures from Gramp's auction and a few other photos taken from last weekend:

Friday evening after I got to Tremont I took just a few photos of the equipment sitting out in the field:

Anyone need a wagon?

Farmer Evan checking out the goods:

This is now Saturday morning, the auction started at 10AM:

Gramp is second from the left and Gram is on the far right in the auctioneer booth:

My cousin Laura

Working the old scale:

Gramp watching his stuff being auctioned off:

Sunday after church we took some photos on Heather and Andrea's front porch.

The four siblings with Gramp and Gram (left to right): Uncle Richard, Aunt Colleen, Dad, Uncle Dan

Add Uncle Mark to the mix plus everyone acting naturally and it makes for quite the picture!

Got a picture with Dad, Evan, Gramp and Gram:

It sure was a nice weekend!  Now, I guess Mom, Heidi, and Carla will have to come out sometime!


Heidi B said...

I love that picture of A. Colleen pulling on the ties. It's hilarious!

Rich said...

Love the farm pics with the setting sun!!!

Old Farmer said...

We didn't hear about the auction. We are looking for an old plow!