Thursday, November 7, 2013


Only one more day to complete our 11th week of school this semester!  Yesterday I had my dentistry lab.  This weeks focus was feline dentistry.  We practiced extracting teeth from a cat head, practiced a procedure in which only the crown of the tooth was removed while the root stayed behind, and also learned how to take dental radiographs. 

Today's lab was the "canine therio" lab meaning dog reproduction lab.  The first part of the lab was learning about vaginal cytology in the dog.  Vaginal cytology involves taking a swab of the dog's vaginal vault and then examining the cells under the microscope.  Not everyone got to swab a dog as there was a limited amount of dogs and each one could only be swabbed three times (and the dogs weren't huge on being swabbed, I can't imagine why!)  Then we learned about breeding soundness exams in male dogs and how to collect semen for inspection (or artificial insemination).  We watched a video on how to do it and then they showed us a semen sample on the microscope to show us what you look for when assessing semen quality.  Finally, they showed us pictures of some abnormalities that can be seen with the sperm cells and what kind of impact those abnormalities can have on the dog's fertility.  Overall, the first part of the lab was alright, the second half was kind of boring. 

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