Monday, November 18, 2013


Well, yesterday was quite a day! Many of you probably are already aware of the tornado that wreaked havoc in the Washington, IL area.  I was in Roanoke for church yesterday and at lunch we were all ushered down into the basement due to the tornado.  When I got down there everyone was singing already, I really thought that was neat, singing in the face of danger!  Much better than sitting there silently fretting!  After quite awhile we headed back upstairs.  Little did we know at that point the devastation that was so close.  There were homes totally demolished just 3 miles from the church I was at.  We drove around a bit just to check things out.  Many of the roads were blocked off by rescue squads but we saw enough to know that there was major damage.  I had to think, there I was in the basement of Roanoke church chatting it up with people, while outside a tornado was obliterating people's homes, if I only knew what was happening outside at that point!  I was very relieved to hear that everyone from our Washington church was safe (although there were homes lost by people in the Washington church as well as at the Roanoke church).  Definitely makes you realize that you really have no idea what is going to happen when, even when you think you do!

If you wish to see a few photos of the destruction caused by the tornado go HERE.


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