Sunday, August 10, 2014

82 Hours

Well, since writing yesterday, much fun has transpired in my life!  No, I'm not engaged, no I didn't win the lottery.  Rather I got two hours of sleep last night and spent 2AM-almost 11AM at school!  Last night I had to do 8PM treatments since I was on call for surgery.  I got home around 930PM or so.  However, while there I was informed that there was a dog who was not walking that was coming into the ER.  Anytime we hear that we start thinking about discs in the dogs back that protrude into their spinal cord and sometimes need emergency surgery.  Well, what do you know, about 1:30AM I got the dreaded phone call, "Hi Dave, we got a back dog for you."  So, into school I went arriving around 1:45AM.  We started the surgery around 2:30AM or so and it lasted until 4:30 at which point we transported the dog to ICU.  By the time it was all said and done it was about 5:30.  I ran home real quick to grab church clothes, a couple sodas, and a package of pop tarts before heading back to school to write the surgery report, and start the dog's discharge sheet.  Once I had the paperwork mostly under control it was time for me to do my morning treatments on both the back dog as well as my cocker spaniel that had his ear canals removed.  I got that stuff done and the associated paperwork done and then it was decided that my cocker spaniel was ready to be discharged.  The owner came around 10AM and I sent him home.  By the time this was all said and done it was about 10:45AM or so.  I quick changed into my church clothes, got to church just in time for lunch and afternoon service, then came home and fell asleep.  Fortunately, I'm not on call and don't have to be at school tonight at all.  I will head in around 6AM tomorrow morning to do morning treatments on my back dog who just so happened to try to bite me today, so that should be exciting!  I just keep telling myself, one more week before this rotation is over.  The first seven days of soft tissue surgery have seen me at school for 82 hours!


Anonymous said...

Soda & pop tarts. What a delicious sounding breakfast.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Vets are no joke! At least you get some sleep tonight! :) Good job working hard for the puppies, animals need doctors too! :)

Anonymous said...

a real bummer on the lottery tho.. :/