Monday, August 18, 2014

Primary Care

This past weekend I got called in Saturday evening for a dog that was having imaging of its spinal cord done.  After I got there it was determined that the dog didn't actually need surgery but I was then responsible for the dog the rest of the weekend.  Sunday morning after working with my dog, I drove to Tremont church and got there at the very end of the morning service.  After church I was able to go to the Beutel reunion. 

This morning I had to work with the dog one more time and then it was time for me to switch from soft tissue surgery to primary care.  Wow, what a difference!  Primary care is so laid back.  Each appointment is only there for about a half hour and then they are out the door.  The schedule and doctor are very laid back which is nice.  We got done at school about 3:30 and then headed to a clinic that the doctor also owns here in town where we helped with and got to see a surgery on a dog's leg.  I was still home by 6pm which is awesome!  Tonight I was invited to a cookout at Wayne and Char's so am looking forward to having something resembling a social life tonight!

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