Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lighter Schedule

Monday I saw two recheck appointments which both went home so I had no in-house patients Monday night.  That also meant that I had no surgeries yesterday so I was able to help my classmates out when they needed it and didn't have to worry about any paperwork, kind of a nice break!  Today I have two appointments, one is a dog coming in for a consult regarding an adrenal mass that, if things look okay, we will remove tomorrow.  The other is a recheck appointment on a dog who had part of its jaw removed.  So, if all goes as planned I will have one surgery for tomorrow.  Today is our last "receiving" day on soft tissue surgery.  Tomorrow is surgery day and Friday is "catch-up" day where we do any other surgeries that need done and try to wrap things up for the week.  Now that I'm not so overwhelmed with work, I'm enjoying the rotation a little more.  Although I've still put in 27 hours in the last two days! 

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