Monday, March 23, 2015


Last Friday, I had one appointment but the owner forgot about it so I ended up with no appointments on Friday.

Saturday morning I accepted a job position at All Pets Veterinary Hospital in Peoria, IL.  There is one full time and one part time vet.  They see small animals and exotics so dogs, cats, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, chinchillas, rabbits, ferrets, birds, mini pigs, and pretty much anything else. 

Today is the first day of my last week on WEAMS.  I had a lovebird that had a lump on its head.  It turned out to just be some debris that had dried up and stuck to the feathers.  Then, this afternoon I had a ferret who has adrenal disease and an insulinoma, a tumor of the pancreas that causes low blood glucose.  We are rechecking the glucose and will adjust medications as we see fit based on the results of the bloodwork.  I have really enjoyed the WEAMS rotation.  I am going to a zoo tomorrow and Thursday so that should be fun.

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Christy Schrock said...

Yea! He's staying in Illinois for the time being.