Monday, September 24, 2012

Midterm Exam and Sunday School Campout

This past Friday and today was my midterm exam for our first quarter of school.  I had general pathology and immunology lecture on Friday (104 questions) and then immunology lab, toxicology, pharmacology, and genetics today (96 questions).  I think altogether I did alright.  I was more worried about the part today but I felt that it was better than I was expecting overall although there were a few genetics questions that I had no idea on.  But, I will find out how I really did soon!

In the midst of studying like crazy for the midterm exam, I went to the Sunday School campout where the U of I young group takes the Sunday School kids camping.  I have a few photos I figured I would share.  I really enjoyed myself as I think most of the people there did (or I hope they did anyways.)
Here's the photos:

 One of the activities was to split up into groups and see who could make the tallest, free-standing newspaper tower.  However, just as we were beginning, it started to rain which made the activity more challenging. These pictures are of my group working hard (except for me who is too busy taking photos)

 This was a game in which a part of it involved "rock, paper, scissors." I am not going to describe the whole game here.  However, the girl in the red opposing me is a second cousin of mine who lives in Athens, Alabama but happened to be in Champaign this past weekend so came to the campout.  She is actually a U of I alum.

 We also played capture the flag except it was more like "Capture Waldo" or something like that.  This is Drew and Ryan dressed as Waldo:
 Ever baked cookies over the fire? Most of them didn't turn out very good but there were some that were actually edible!
 Thank you for smiling Mackenzie!

 Kaleb getting serious about bakign cookies over the fire:
 Time for breakfast!
 Bacon and eggs!
You maybe noticed that in numerous pictures, there are doughnuts being heated over the fire.  They are quite delicious! The campout was a nice break from studying!

Now, it is back to the regular routine of class during the day, studying at night.  This weekend I hope to be in Tremont for the baptisms of a couple of my second cousins as well as to visit my grandparents.  Now that the midterm is over, I can travel around a little bit like that again!

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