Friday, October 11, 2013


Week 7 of school is almost over, unbelievable!  Our surgery patient from this week went back to the shelter yesterday, she was already spoken for by someone through the shelter so we knew she was going to be adopted which is nice!

Yesterday in lab, my group was back at the vet med research farm to have another mare palpation experience.  Besides just regular rectal palpation, we also had a couple ultrasound machines so we could practice looking at the reproductive tract through the rectal wall.  Mare palpation is tough, I have a hard time feeling the reproductive tract although I did a little better yesterday than I did the first time. 

This weekend I will be in Champaign all weekend studying for our final exam this coming Thursday and Friday.  So, one long, boring weekend this weekend but then a weekend in which I am free coming up next weekend, can't wait!

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