Monday, October 28, 2013


Had a great weekend this past weekend.  Didn't do any schoolwork (always a plus at the time, a negative later on) and got to see my brother and my Dad.  Saturday was my Gramp's farm auction so got to see a lot of family which was nice.  Gramp was pleased with how the auction went so that was nice.  I did grab a tool that they used to use to place rings into the side of pigs noses to discourage rooting.  I figured just a small keepsake from my Gramp's farm.  My brother and Dad's keepsakes were more numerous and take up a lot more room (and they want me to bring them all back to CT for them when I drive home this winter for Christmas, good thing I'm a nice son/brother ;).

Sunday we were all in Eureka for church as my cousins served lunch.  I had a good time there (even if there weren't any vanilla doughnuts ;).  Sunday night whoever from the family could go out to dinner went out and then hung out for the evening.  Was a great time, but now, I'm sitting in class writing a blog post, I mean, learning about interdigital pyoderma. I have 7 hours of lecture today and not lunch break as we have to do our initial work up of our surgery patient today over lunch hour.  Gonna be a long day.

It's been a few weeks but it's our group's turn to have surgery this week.  This week I am the anesthetist so am in charge of all the drugs, knocking the animal out, placing an IV catheter, intubating the dog/cat, and monitoring heart rate, respiratory rate, anesthetic depth, etc throughout the surgery.  Hopefully all will go well!   

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Anonymous said...

Oh my! I just read this about the vanilla donuts! I got a new computer and lost everyones blogsites :/ Crack me up.. I'll do better next year! ;)