Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thanksgiving Baskets

Today I was with some people from the Champaign church as well as the sunday school to make Thanksgiving baskets.  While the younger kids and some of the mothers stayed and decorated the baskets, the older Sunday School kids and young group folks went shopping.  There were three teams and each team had two families.  I was the head of one team along with Laura, a single member of the church and then we had four Sunday School boys who went shopping with us.  After getting back we organized the groceries into baskets and then went on our way to hand them out.  Our decorating team went with us as well as another person so we had ten people altogether in our group.  We stopped at the first house, gave them the food, and then offered a prayer on their behalf.  Since the people there spoke Spanish, Laura had a prayer in Spanish, something I had never heard before, but which I really enjoyed.  Then it was off to the second house where we did the same thing except I had the prayer.  After we were done delivering, it was back to church for a pizza lunch.  It was a really good time!  Now, I will be heading away from Champaign for a little over a week to visit some folks and spend some time with family for Thanksgiving.  Hard to believe Thanksgiving is upon us already!

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