Thursday, January 26, 2012


Today was a rather long day.  The day started off with two straight hours of cardiovascular physiology (8-10).  Then we had two straight hours of autonomic nervous system pharmacology (10-12).  Then from 12-1 I had a lunch lecture in which a speaker comes and whoever signs up gets free lunch, a pretty good deal if you ask me!  Then from 1-330 I was in my comparative anatomy elective.  Today we talked about reptile anatomy and then got to dissect a snake and an iguana.  It was pretty neat.  I studied until 445 or so and then had my reptile medicine and surgery elective from 5-6.  Then I got to go home, eat, and study some more!  But now, it is over.  I have fallen behind a little bit on my studying just since today's four hours of lecture require a lot of studying and I just couldn't fit it into the time I had.  Oh well, I will be playing catch-up this weekend. Tomorrow I have two more hours of physiology and another hour of pharmacology.  One thing I must say about the pharmacology class, it is extremely interesting.  We are only going to be covering the pharmacology of the autonomic nervous system this quarter so tomorrow is my last hour of that clas for this quarter.  It is very interesting, however it is very difficult to remember the different drugs and what they do, side effects, etc.  I have my first quiz Monday morning, 40 multiple choice questions.  I am ready for it to be over already!

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