Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Halfway Through Week 2!

Just a quick update: I am just over halfway through what has probably been one of the more intense weeks of my schooling.  I have had seven hours of cardiovascular physiology so far with four more to go and also have three hours of pharmacology yet to go through this week.  I have done better with keeping up with studying than I thought I was going to so I am glad for that.  My cardiovascular physiology professor is actually a veterinary cardiologist from Georgia.  He is really nice and makes us laugh a decent amount.  He told us he had two problems with himself right at the beginning of the first class.  1. He can't really hear out of his right ear and 2. He has been diagnosed with Dunlaps Disease, "My stomach Dunlaps over my belt!"  I forgot to mention, last week in my comparative anatomy class we got to dissect a large frog, a fish, and a shark.  It appears that tomorrow we will be dissecting a lizard, turtle, and snake.  It's kind of neat getting to dissect these different animals.  Last night I took a class called "Alive and 25" to keep my ticket from my accident off my record.  It was actually better than I thought but it did take up a whole evening in which I could have been studying.  Oh well, so be it!

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