Friday, January 20, 2012

First Week of Class

Well, the first week of class is over!  I can already tell that this quarter is going to be more challenging than last quarter.  We are working simultaneously on dog, horse, and cow cadavers in anatomy lab so that keeps us plenty busy!  We started some pharmacology classes now and that is an extremely interesting class, but it requires quite a bit of studying.  Just tonight I studied with a couple friends, we spent our Friday evening studying autonomic nervous system pharmacology. I am sure many of you just wish you could have been there!  Now I look forward to having some family come down Sunday and spend some time with me.  It will be a nice break from schoolwork.  This coming week I have 11 hours of cardiovascular physiology lecture plus three more hours of autonomic nervous system pharmacology lecture.  It's going to be an intense week!  Plus, Tuesday night I get to go take a class to keep my accident off my record.  What an exciting week it is shaping up to be! 

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