Monday, January 30, 2012

A Wonderful (but Slightly Stressful) Weekend

This past weekend was a very stressful, but yet refreshing weekend.  I headed out to Connecticut for my cousin Tom's baptism.  I was very glad I was able to make it out for it.  The only downside was that I had my first quiz of the quarter this morning.  So, at the airport and on the plane Friday night, most of the day Saturday, and at the airports and on the planes Sunday I was studying away.  I must say, that studying does not make for a restful weekend.  I got to Connecticut Saturday morning about 1AM and didn't get to bed until 230AM, got to bed at 1230AM Sunday morning after studying after the provings, and got to bed about 12AM this morning after driving from Indianapolis airport to my apartment.  Then my alarm went off at 5AM this morning so I could study pharmacology before the quiz.  To say that I am extremely tired would be an understatement!  My bed will look even better tonight!  However, despite all the studying, it was well worth going out to Connecticut to be there and support Tom!
My quiz went fine (I believe).  The pharmacology questions were easier than I was expecting so that was a relief.  There were definitely some questions I wasn't totally sure on but I still think I did okay. 

I am hoping this week will be less stressful than last week.  I am giving a vet school tour tomorrow at noon to a high school group.  I enjoy giving the tours!

Now, I will end this post with a joke told by my cardiovascular physiology professor.  (WARNING: this joke is extremely corny and vet med/medically inclined!)
It was the end of one of our lectures and he says: "Before we leave I have something very important to discuss with the class....does anyone know what the three birds of the chest are? They are the va-goose, the esopha-goose, and the thoracic duck (vagus nerve, esophagus, and thoracic duct which are three structures that run through the chest).
Most of the class laughed, partly because it was so corny, and partly because everyone I know loves him as a professor and the joke just fit him as something he would say!

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