Sunday, November 25, 2012

Diagnostic Day 5, Thanksgiving Break

It's been 10 days but I am back.  My fifth and final day of my diagnostic rotation consisted of a lecture on forensic pathology (working on animals that were abused when they were alived) and also a lab in which we practiced making and reading blood smears as well as reading hematocrits/packed cell volumes (where we determine the percentage of red blood cells in the blood) and TP (total protein: the amount of protein in the serum).  After lunch we went on the necropsy floor and helped with a horse and cow necropsy and saw part of a puppy necropsy.  All in all, the rotation was a little boring for me just because I had already done a lot of the stuff at my job at UCONN but it was still fine. 

After school Friday I drove to Forrest, IL to eat dinner with my uncle and aunt and another couple from CT.  After dinner I drove to Tremont, IL and then Saturday it was off to Alto, Michigan for my cousin's baptism.  I had an awesome weekend in Michigan.  Pictures will be coming shortly. 

This past week, Dad, Mom, Evan, and Carla were in Illinois so I got to spend time with them which was really nice.  We were in Tremont on Thanksgiving.  They left Friday morning early and I went to Eureka to spend some time with my cousins there (I even went to some stores with them on Friday evening, my first time ever going to a store on Black Friday that I can remember.  However, I got a nice flannel shirt for Evan for 2.50 so it was worth it, and yes he knows about it so I am not ruining a surprise by putting it on here).  Then Saturday (yesterday) it was off to El Paso, IL to spend some time with more extended family and I was in Gridley for church today.  I had a really nice time getting to know some of my second cousins better while in El Paso/Gridley.  Now it is back to it as I start rotations again.  This week I have Small Animal Critical Care so I will be spending a lot of time in the ICU.  Hope everyone has a good week!

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