Thursday, November 8, 2012

Internal Med Day 4

Today was considerably better than the last three days as my fourth year and I finally had a legitimate case!  We had a chesapeake bay retriever who presented to us for increased drinking and peeing (polydipsia and polyuria or PU/PD as we call it at school) as well as possible slight discomfort when peeing.  The dog had had an enlarged prostate gland but was neutered and that seemed to help shrink the prostate.  For those that care to know, enlarged prostates can cause a dog to have trouble peeing and pooping (urinating and defecating are the official terms for this).  We ran blood work, did an abdominal ultrasound and even stuck a needle into the prostate gland to see what kind of cells/fluid we could pull out of it.  Nothing out of the ordinary came up on any of those diagnostic tests.  Oh well, that's how it goes sometimes!  It was awfully nice to actually have something to take up a few straight hours of my day, that's for sure! 

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