Thursday, November 15, 2012

Diagnostics Days 3 and 4

Yesterday my group took our agar plates from Tuesday and checked them for bacteria and then picked a couple bacterial colonies to put by themselves so that we could get that certain bacteria all by itself.  Then today we attempted to identify the bacteria that we had isolated.  Also yesterday we learned how to perform fine needle aspirates (where you stick a needle into a tissue to try to get some cells and fluid out of the tissue so you can figure out what might be going on in that tissue.  This is commonly done in masses).  Today we learned how to perform full urinalyses (analysis of an animal's urine) and also sat in on gross pathology rounds where fourth year vet students who are on their diagnostic rotation present some necropsy cases that have presented to the lab.  Tomorrow we will learn about bloodwork and forensic pathology and then get to hang out on the necropsy floor with the 4th years in the afternoon.  Then it will be off to Tremont tomorrow and then off to Alto, Michigan on Saturday for my cousin's baptism!

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