Friday, September 26, 2014

Goodbye Ophtho!

Today was the last day of my ophthalmology rotation.  The week went really well, had lots of appointments and a number of surgeries.  Had another emergency surgery this week for a dog who had a real deep ulcer in its cornea, it was almost all the way through the cornea.  So, a piece of conjunctiva was taken from next to the cornea, rotated, and placed over the ulcer.  We had another cataract surgery this week, and also took the inside of a Newfoundland's eye out (but leaving the globe of the eye in) and put a prosthetic inside the globe of the eye.  That dog is not totally blind as its other eye was already removed due to glaucoma.  I really enjoyed my time on ophthalmology.  While I don't think I would want to specialize in it, it is really good information to know because as a general vet, you often see eye problems. 

Tomorrow I hope to go to the pathology club cookout at noon and then head out of town around 4pm (I'm on call until 4pm tomorrow) to spend Saturday evening and Sunday with Uncle Loren and Aunt Joan.  Then Monday morning it's off to equine medicine I go!

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