Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ortho Day 3

Today I got to school about 630am to help my fourth year take care of her patients.  We had the cutest little miniature pinscher who had a big surgery today to take care of.  We had to get her exam done and have her in anesthesiology, where she would be "knocked out" by 730am.  After a boring 8-850 lecture on vaccinology (pretty much vaccines and vaccine schedules) I headed back to the clinic just in time to be able to go into the surgery room and watch the little min pin's surgery.  She had a "trochlear ridge recession and tibial tuberosity transposition."  This was all due to her luxating patellas (her kneecaps kept popping out of place).  It was really neat as I had a really good view and could see everything that was going on and was able to be pretty close to the surgery table.  After that it was time to head to the CSLC where we practiced different suture patterns on pieces of dog abdomens.  There are a lot of suture patterns and its going to take some serious practice to get them all down!  I ended the day with rounds (where we go over each case in the orthopedic ward).  Also, there were two other surgeries done by the orthopedic surgeons today.  One was an arthroscopy, where a scope was inserted into both of a dog's elbow joints and some stuff was taken out of its joints.  The second was a dog that broke part of its humerus (the big bone on it's front leg).   It had a screw and a pin inserted to help fix it.  Overall, it was a pretty good day and I definitely learned quite a bit!

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