Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend/ER Day 1

This past weekend my friend was baptized in our church here in Champaign.  Saturday before his testimony he got a group of people together to paint some offices and the church area for Restoration Urban Ministries.  Then after the baptisms on Sunday I went out for my roommates birthday with his family for dinner and then went to some friends house to spend some time with them and some of their family.  It was a great weekend, I really enjoyed it.

Today marked the first day of my small animal emergency medicine rotation.  It started a little slow but we did go to CSLC to learn how to draw blood from veins, learn about the different types of needles and catheters and to learn about different fluid pumps and monitoring machines.  I did get to see a dog that had to go into surgery since it looked like it had a foreign body in its intestines as well as a dog that was having bloody diarrhea.  I was kept pretty busy most of the afternoon with the dog who had to have surgery.  Also on this rotation I have to act as a fourth year this weekend.  Normally us second years don't have to be around on weekends.  However, a number of the ER fourth years are going to some conference this weekend so us second years have to act as fourth years in their place this weekend.  My two shifts are Friday from 7AM to 6PM and then Saturday at 4PM to Sunday at 3AM.  All of us second years are a little intimidated and nervous but also excited about this opportunity to do this.  I will definitely let you know how it goes!

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