Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekend/Week Ahead

My weekend went as follows:
Friday night: studied
Saturday: studied all day
Sunday: went to Champaign church and then went to Normal Community High School (right next to our Bloomington church) for a Christmas Carol singing lesson for song leaders.  I really enjoyed the lesson and learned how to sing some new Christmas songs as well.  Then tonight I studied some more. 
My week will be as follows:
Monday: 4 hours of general pathology lecture in the morning followed by 3 hours of general pathology lab in the afternoon.  Then off to take the final (not hard at all, not actually even graded) for my Fish Med and Surgery class.  Then study for the remainder of the evening.
Tuesday: study all day
Wednesday: study all day
Thursday: take part 1 of the final exam, then after a short break, study the rest of the day
Friday: take part 2 of the final exam, then run away from Champaign for the weekend (I figure I deserve a break!)
Hope everyone has a more exciting week than I'm gonna have!

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