Tuesday, April 1, 2014

First Days of Rotations

Yesterday and today were my first two days of my clinical rotations.  I am on Diagnostic Medicine for the first two weeks which involves necropsies (animal autopsies) and cytology.  Cytology involves using a microscope to look at material taken from masses or other lesions found on animals. This can sometimes allow a diagnosis to be made as to what the mass or lesion is.  Yesterday morning we had an intro to the rotation.  Then, in the afternoon it was off to the necropsy floor.  We had a horse and a cow yesterday and I was the student in charge of the cow.  This morning we had a lecture on how to describe lesions seen on the necropsy floor followed by a lecture/lab on the basics of cytology.  Then this afternoon it was off to the necropsy floor where a cow, calf, ram, and two dogs awaited us.  Talk about a busy couple of days!  It's been really good though as I love necropsies and it is so nice to be able to come home in the evening and not have to worry about studying!

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