Friday, May 30, 2014

Done With Ambulatory

Today was my last day being on the ambulatory service for my farm animal rotation.  This morning I went with one of my classmates and one of the horse doctors out to a couple horse farms.  At one, the doctor changed a bandage that was on a horse's leg due to an injury in which the horse actually cut through one of his tendons near his foot.  We also did a couple quick exams on two of the other horses there.  Then, we went to a farm where we did physical exams and drew blood for a blood test, then sedated the horses and floated their teeth, essentially grinding their teeth so that they are smooth on the chewing surface.  It was a lot of fun and I was glad I got to go on the call.  The afternoon was uneventful, just ran some fecal tests on the horses from today to check for parasites and helped out my classmates who were on in-house.

This morning, one of the girls on ambulatory had a family emergency and had to leave.  Well, it just so happened that she was supposed to be on ICU duty tonight from 7pm to 1am.  So, I am now covering her ICU shift.  However, I am also first on call tonight from 5pm-7am.  So, I am covering an ICU shift while being first on call at the same time, which means that tonight has the potential to be a very long and busy night.  I'm hoping that no more patients will come in tonight and that I can leave a little early like I did last time I was scheduled from 7pm-1am.  We shall see. 

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