Tuesday, July 22, 2014


This past weekend my brother and a couple friends came to Champaign for Invite-A-Friend.  They arrived around 4pm or so Saturday evening at my place.  That night we went to the Champaign County Fair's Demolition Derby.  None of us had ever seen a derby before so it was pretty fun.  Sunday we went to church and then to a pavilion for a potluck picnic.  A good time was had by all I believe.

Yesterday was the first day of my small animal emergency medicine rotation.  I got there a little before 7AM and didn't leave until about 830PM.  We were very busy the whole day.  I got to be involved in my first legitimate CPR on a cat who didn't end up making it so that was a new experience.  My main patient was a 14 year old cat with a head tilt and falling towards the left while walking, not eating, and lethargic.  He stayed in the ICU overnight last night and was to be transferred to Internal Medicine today.  Throughout the fourteen days of my ER rotation I only get two days off total and today was the first one.  I also have next Monday off as well.  So, it's going to be two weeks of lots of time spent at school.  Woohoo!

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