Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Well, things didn't go quite as planned the last few days but that's alright.  I drove to Tremont after school Saturday evening.  I went to start my car Sunday to head to Tremont church and my car wouldn't start.  Dead battery.  So, after church we got my car started and over to my uncle's shop.  I quick jumped in my aunt's car and drove down to Champaign to just barely make it to school in time at 4PM.  I was there til about 1AM then came home and slept.  Monday morning I drove back to Tremont and stayed there until this afternoon when I drove my car (with its new battery) back to Champaign so I can be at school in a little less than an hour.  Now I will be in Champaign the next four weeks or so with no planned travel.  I will finish off this week with 6 straight night shifts and then I will be done with my ER rotation.


Anonymous said...

God has a way of teaching us to not rely on material things, but on Him! :) Hopefully these next few weeks are a little better!

dvm2015 said...

So true Hannah! I had thought about that when I was driving back and forth between Tremont and Champaign. But, if it was going to happen it happened at the perfect time: when my brother was in Tremont and I didn't have to be at school Monday night.