Tuesday, April 3, 2012


This past weekend I was in Champaign the whole weekend.  Friday night a some of the young group from Washington came down to Champaign for a singing.  Saturday was mostly spend studying.  Sunday was the Easter Program here in Champaign, so that was nice.  Sunday afternoon and evening consisted of studying some more as well ask Skyping into my gramp Gerbers 78th birthday party.  It was nice to see everyone even if it was only through the computers.  Monday morning was our first quiz of the fourth quarter.  I thought it went fine, although I haven't received my grade as of yet.  Class has been fine this week.  I had a short lecture on the neural pathways of defecation and micturition today (meaning on the nerves involved in pooping and peeing!). Tomorrow does not look to be too tough of a day which is nice.  Next week will be stressful as we have our lab exam on reproductive and urinary systems and then our midterm starting Friday.  So, I am enjoying this week while I can!

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